Mahan Hair & Skin Clinic FIT Hair Transplant FUT Eyebrow Transplant Laser Coldly Cutera Cold Alex Nd:YAG

Fit hair transplant and lifetime warranty

Fut eyebrow transplant and lifetime warranty

Get rid of excess hair with the American Alex Cool Laser

RF Fractional | Co2 Fractional | BTL | Q-Switch …

Without the need for dieting using BTL technology

Blepharoplasty | Double chin suction | Central lip | Shaft Lift | Face lift | Eyebrow lift

Fat injection | Gel injection | Botox

Cleansing the face with Talgo masks and using a hydroderm and a microderm

How to cooperate in attracting international patients

The international wing of Mahan Dermatology and Hair Clinic provides services in the areas of skin, hair and beauty to people who have traveled from their country to obtain the aforementioned services. The IPD provides a person’s medical history and, after a thorough review and diagnostic tests, determines which service is required. You can contact us to request and follow up on your treatment needs and the estimated price of the proposed treatment. Mahan Skin and Hair Clinic is ready to cooperate with all health tourism companies with tourism units that have the necessary licenses to attract foreign patients. Announce. Therefore, for more information on how to cooperate, please contact  +989157100701

Hair & Skin Clinic

Mahan Clinic is specialized in skin, hair and slimming with a team specializing in the fields of skin, hair and slimming. Officially licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
Equipped with modern European equipment, all approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (CE), with an area of about 1500 square meters, it is the largest and most equipped skin and hair slimming and beauty clinic in Mashhad.
Join us because we are what you were looking for.


Phone: +985137611259 - +989157100701

Address: Mashhad, Sajjad Boulevard, Bozorgmehr South, corner of Jami intersection, Mahan Clinic

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