Mahan Clinic is specialized in skin, hair and slimming with a team specializing in the fields of skin, hair and slimming. Officially licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
Equipped with modern European equipment, all approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Union (CE), with an area of about 1500 square meters, it is the largest and most equipped skin and hair slimming and beauty clinic in Mashhad.
At Mahan Clinic, you can get all skin and hair services. These services include:
1- Hair and beard transplantation.
2- Eyebrow transplant.
3- Skin resurfacing laser
4- Lifting and treating sagging skin on the face and neck with the latest methods and equipment made in the United Kingdom
5- Hair removal laser
6- Removal of pimples, scars and acne by specialized laser
7- Treatment of skin problems
8- Injections of gel and Botox
9- Rejuvenate the hand
10- Vaginal rejuvenation and beautification
11- Mesotherapy for the face
12- PRP head, face, and hands
13- Cut the eyelid
14- Facial and hands rejuvenation by fat injection
15- Perform surgeries to remove skin problems of purity and smoothness of the skin surface.

Also in Mahan Aesthetic Clinic, slimming services are guaranteed for the first time in Mashhad. In this clinic, all slimming services will be performed with the latest equipment and lasers made in England without the need for surgery, pain and side effects. These services include:
1- Localized slimming in the abdomen, sides and back
2- Localized slimming in the thighs, legs and buttocks
3- Breast and hip lift
4- Arm sagging repair
5- Cellulite removal
6- Removing large skin pores
7- Removing the deep skin cracks resulting from obesity and thinness
8- Removing the deep skin cracks resulting from childbirth
9- Eliminate sagging abdomen due to childbirth
10- Vagina beautification and rejuvenation
11- Helps remove laser fat

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