In this method the slimming will have no side effects and without the need for any special diet, after treatment and exercise, you will be able to lose weight locally in any part of your body. The entire slimming process can be performed in 3 steps and within 6 weeks.




Strong tightening of the skin in areas that have become flabby due to weight fluctuations. Elimination of cracks resulting from weight change, childbirth, high-pressure diets, and long-term treatment of cellulite (roughness under the skin due to the accumulation of fat) that occurs on its own or as a result of liposuction or lipolysis.

Treating skin pores and improving the appearance of various scars on the body (scars).




This device uses two simultaneous radio frequency (RF) and ultrasound (ultrasound) mechanisms. Collagen production is activated by the effect of waves on the skin and it raises the skin of the face and body at the site of treatment, and the fats released by the lymphatic system are absorbed and metabolized in the liver, and this process reduces the volume of fat.




This technique reduces visceral fat in the body by activating the natural breakdown of fat by releasing and consuming fatty acids, resulting in an imperceptible contraction of muscles through calcium channels, under the influence of a magnetic field.

The 60-minute treatment brings gentle heat to the body, leading to increased blood circulation and relaxation. Eliminate slippery fat through the first and second steps of clearing open skin pores, reducing cellulite and skin roughness, tightening skin, healing effect and eliminating fatigue.

Prices vary for different body parts.

Topical slimming
without diet and exercise

Slimming the abdomen and hips
(Exilis, X-wave, Limfestim)

Arm slimming
(Exilis, X-wave, Limfestim)

Thigh slimming
(Exilis, X-wave, Limfestim)

Definitive elimination of cellulite
(Exilis, X-wave)

The price of each session is 100-50 dollars

Validity Date: 30th March 2021

Topical slimming sample