laser hair removal

What is hair removal laser?

A laser is a beam of light. However, light has special and very vital physical properties. Lasers have many applications in medicine and industry. It is used for cutting and engraving, and in medicine, lasers are used in many surgeries such as eye surgery (LASIK). Hair removal laser is precisely designed to remove excess hair without affecting other parts of the skin and body.

Various types of lasers are used to remove excess hair. Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, and Diode technologies are among the most widely used types of lasers for hair removal. These types differ in application. For example, alexandrite is most effective for people with fair skin, and Nd: YAG is more commonly used for darker skin. This functional difference is due to differences in the physical properties of the laser such as frequency and wavelength.

The laser affects the follicles. Hair removal laser is suspected of heating the hair follicles and damaging the follicles. Follicles are small organs within the skin that make up body hair. By damaging hair follicles, hair growth stops forever.

The laser causes selective harm. It is noteworthy that the laser heat causes damage to the follicles and their failure, but this damage is completely selective. That is, it does not damage the skin and tissues adjacent to the follicle at the same time. Of course, sometimes the skin is damaged due to the fault of the operator.

The laser permanently reduces excess hair. This method can permanently remove between 70 and 90% of excess hair. This is why we scientifically say that laser causes permanent hair loss, not permanent hair removal. Because in one treatment course we cannot get rid of 100% of excess hair. But those 70 to 90 percent that are removed will never grow again.

Laser applications for excess hair

Hair removal laser can be used anywhere on the body. Of course, laser referrals are more common in some parts of the body. For example, bikini lasers, genital lasers, and lasers are more common in women. In men, armpit hair is performed with laser, beard hair with laser, and back and neck hair is mostly performed. However, the laser method is flexible, fast and effective so that you can perform the laser procedure on the entire body in less than an hour in one session.

No matter how limited or extensive the treated area (whether it is just behind the lips or the entire body laser) to effectively remove or reduce excess hair, you must complete the treatment course. This course typically includes 4 to 6 laser sessions with intervals of about 6 weeks.

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How to remove cold Alex CUTERA laser hair

Alexandrite Cutera technology is developed by Cutera USA, which is also approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Before the Alex Cutera laser arrived in Iran, none of the lasers were able to work on bronze skin. Bronze skin is most susceptible to burns due to stimulation of skin pigmentation for the above reasons, and it can cause damage to pigment cells and white spots. For this reason, all centers reject it.

In addition to other problems experienced by most laser hair removal devices:

  • Painful treatment
  • Severe burns and resistant brown spots
  • Frequent treatment sessions
  • He did not completely lose hair and only thin hair
  • Inability to remove dark skin hair

Large and reputable companies that manufacture lasers are always trying to create newer devices to eliminate the defects and shortcomings of previous devices and pay more attention to the needs of patients and doctors. The only laser allowed for use on dark skin in the world with solarium is the Alexandrite Cutera laser. The laser in this system has uniquely provided the ability to treat tan skin, which is very popular these days.

The price of each session is 200 dollars

Validity Date: 30th March 2021

Cold Alex Cutera Laser