What is meant by skin cleansing?

Cleansing is a general term used to describe a combination of skin care methods that pursue three general goals, each with benefits for the skin:

Removal of dead cells or exfoliation

Cleanses dirt, grease and excess material on the skin

Help the skin by hydrating, nourishing or improving blood flow

Removal of dead cells

The surface of the skin is made up of dead cells or a stratum corneum. These cells are located in the most superficial part of the skin epidermis. The function of horn cells is to protect the skin of the body and is the body’s first line of defense against pathogens. Normally, the body removes all the cells of the stratum corneum once every 30 days and replaces them with new cells. However, sometimes these dead cells accumulate on the skin. Removing dead cells or exfoliation will help you have a fresher and more radiant skin.

Cleansing of impurities and fats

Our skin is naturally covered with fats that are effective in maintaining skin moisture and also have antimicrobial properties. In some people, fat builds up on the skin, clogs pores, and causes acne and pimples. Cleansing can remove excess facial fat. In addition, the contaminants and contaminants that we come in contact with on a daily basis stay on the skin and cause inflammation, clogged pores and other problems.

The problem with skin cleansing products that focus on removing excess fat is that consumers sometimes use them excessively. Do not forget that fats are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Improper and excessive use of scrubs or peels not only does not help your skin; It also damages it.


Help the skin by hydrating, nourishing and improving blood circulation

A variety of skin cleansing techniques usually include things like incense or facial massage that improve blood flow to the skin. In addition to improving blood flow, massage can release anti-inflammatory and anti-aging agents from skin cells. Research has even shown that scalp massage can prevent hair loss. The use of special lotions and creams is also commonly seen in skin cleansing methods. These products improve skin texture, color and even firmness by hydrating, vitaminizing and nourishing the skin.

Clinical methods of skin cleansing

At Mahan Clinic, we have very special and effective methods for cleansing the skin. During cleansing, the following things are done on your skin:

Clean the skin with professional detergents

Removal of the stratum corneum using different methods depending on the condition of your skin

Professional and standard skin massage to improve blood circulation and stimulate collagen production

Exfoliation to improve the therapeutic effects of the next step

Use of therapeutic and beautifying masks such as lifting mask, brightener, moisturizer and

Features and benefits of skin cleansing in Mahan Clinic include the following:

Suitable methods for all skin types: Cleansing services are designed depending on your condition to best suit your skin condition.

Can be done for all people of all ages: The earlier you start cleansing and massaging the skin at an early age, the more effective its preventative effects on skin aging will be.

High safety and effectiveness: Skin cleansing in Mahan Clinic is designed and supervised by dermatologists. Therefore, it has a high impact and very few risks.

Makes the skin fresh and radiant.

It can help eliminate wrinkles or blur lines.

Facial Cleansing (Talgo)

Facial Cleansing with Microderm

Facial Cleansing with Hydroderm

The price is 50-100 dollars

Validity Date: 30th March 2021

Facial Cleansing